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VIVIFI Bluetooth Rear View Mirror Hands Free Car Kit

VIVIFI Bluetooth Rear View Mirror Hands Free Car Kit
VIVIFI Bluetooth Rear View Mirror Hands Free Car Kit
VIVIFI Bluetooth Rear View Mirror Hands Free Car Kit
VIVIFI Bluetooth Rear View Mirror Hands Free Car Kit
VIVIFI Bluetooth Rear View Mirror Hands Free Car Kit
VIVIFI Bluetooth Rear View Mirror Hands Free Car Kit
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VIVIFI Bluetooth Rear View Mirror Hands Free Car Kit
VIVIFI Bluetooth Rear View Mirror Hands Free Car Kit
VIVIFI Bluetooth Rear View Mirror Hands Free Car Kit
VIVIFI Bluetooth Rear View Mirror Hands Free Car Kit
VIVIFI Bluetooth Rear View Mirror Hands Free Car Kit
VIVIFI Bluetooth Rear View Mirror Hands Free Car Kit
VIVIFI Bluetooth Rear View Mirror Hands Free Car Kit
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  • Model: VIVIFI BT2
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  • Dimensions: 40.00cm x 8.00cm x 1.80cm
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GENUINE Bluetooth RearView Mirror Latest 2016 Model with Caller Name ID & SD Card

Yes you've found it, this is the BEST bluetooth mirror on the internet! Stay Safe and Legal on your way home. Ideal for short and long haul driving or anyone that wants a great hands free system in their car. The Rearview Mirror Hands Free Car Kit is a wireless Bluetooth kit that utilises the latest technology to communicate with your compatible phone within a 10-meter range. The wireless design makes for easy installation as there is no need to modify any interior fittings within the vehicle. Simply clip the unit onto existing rearview mirror, "Pair" and go. Gives unrivalled freedom on the move,. With the latest Bluetooth and optimised DSP sound technology, you can freely chat with your friends through its built-in high quality loudspeaker and external high sensitivity dual microphones without the need to hold the phone or even take your hands off the steering wheel. The DSP technology reduces background car noise so that your voice sounds clear and loud at the other end, they will think that you are on your actual phone rather than a hands free kit!

Easy to install the hands free car kit into your car, just Plug and Play, fits over your existing Rearview Mirror. Put your hands on the wheel, you will be able to answer, reject, end, redial, or even voice dialing. Compatible with any bluetooth enabled phone, and works with all mobile networks to provide ultimate convenience and safety on your way home.

Bluetooth 2.0
Works with all Bluetooth enabled phones and fully backwardly compatible with Bluetooth 1.0 phones!

Dual Microphones & Advanced Features
Such as echo suppression and noise cancellation helps to reduce your vehicle noise ensuring that you call can be heard crystal clear at the other end.


On-Board Battery
The onboard high capacity re-chargeable Li-ion battery gives an amazing standby time of up to 168 hours and 6 hours talk time! Our Bluetooth Mirror will keep you talking longer between charges. What's more you can easily charge your hands free car kit indoors via USB.

Wireless Headset
Keep your personal calls private when others are in the car. With the wireless privacy headset, simply detach from the Bluetooth mirror and your call is automatically routed to the headset, when your finished attach back to the Bluetooth mirror, which magnetically holds is securely in place. No need to charge it separately as the Bluetooth mirror does this for you!.


Onboard Dual Stereo Speakers
Now comes with 2 speakers, use the powerful onboard speakers and microphone for clear conversations.

Hands-Free Voice Dial
If your mobile has voice dialing then the mirror is voice dialing and re-dialing compatible. Caller waiting compatible.


Name Caller ID
Safely see who’s calling you without looking down on your phone with caller ID displaying the name of the caller. Store up to 200 names*

FM Transmitter
With the 4 frequency FM transmitter you can transfer the sound to your car stereo and utilise your car speakers for true in car hands free experience.


A2DP Bluetooth Music Streaming
With Bluetooth A2DP you can stream your music on your compatible phone to the mirror to take advantage of the stereo speakers.

Multiple Phone Pairing
Our Bluetooth mirror will connect to 2 phones simultaneously, allowing greater convenience and flexibility.  You can also pair up to 20 phones in its memory.


SD Card Support for Music
The On-Board SD Card Slot can support SD cards up to 8GB for you to store and playback music either through the mirror or your car speakers via the FM transmitter.

Phone Book Memory
The mirror will record and display your last 10 numbers in the memory for easy calling and re-dialing directly from the mirror. Additionally store up to 200 contacts on the mirror**


Full English Manual
Unlike other cheap copies our mirror comes with a full English manual that is simple and easy to understand.

UK Warranty and Support
All our stock is held and dispatched from the UK; in the majority of cases our customers receive their new Bluetooth mirrors the next day.


Beware of cheap imitation Bluetooth Mirrors that are now flooding the market, they may look the same as our original Bluetooth mirror but they are not the same. These copies have some safety and quality issues. Their build quality is not good and some of the functions are missing or do not work at all. They may also come with a foreign manual. The sound is very poor in these copies as they use a cheaper speaker and do not use quality components for their echo suppression meaning that the sound will be very weak and poor quality, furthermore the microphone will pickup every bit of noise in your car. The most serious and important issue with these cheap copies is that they use very poor batteries which do not keep the charge anywhere near the stated times as ours, some only last 30 mins talk time and a standby of only 1-2 days. After about 2-4 weeks the battery may also stop charging. These cheap Bluetooth Mirrors do not have a charging cut off switch meaning that there is a possibility that the battery can overcharge and deteriorate the life of the battery but also there is a serious risk of explosion!

  Buy the original Bluetooth mirror from MantisTech and be safe and sure that you are getting the genuine article.  

  Our mirror is made with top quality materials and components 

  Comes with a Full English Manual  

  We use a Quality Speakers so you will get a loud and clear conversation, and our echo suppression technology will ensure it cuts out the background noise of your car so that the person on the other end will hear and understand clearly.

 We only use Genuine Li-ion Rechargeable batteries in our mirrors ensuring you get long lasting talk and standby times 

  Our Bluetooth Mirror comes with an Advanced automatic charging cut off switch meaning that the mirror will stop charging the battery when it is full and also will not charge if the battery doesn’t require it.

  Our Bluetooth Mirror is Stocked in the UK and despatched by us.  Don't wait around buying from overseas countries or companies that do not keep their own stock.  In most cases you'll receive your order the very next day!

  We fully test all our mirrors before despatch ensuring you extra peace of mind that your new bluetooth mirror will work as it should when you receive it.





**Will it fit my Mirror?
The mirror fits on about 99% of cars, however if you mirror is an unusual shape or unusually large it may not fit over it. To be sure please measure your mirror and make sure it is within the dimensions below.

Width : 30cm Height : 7.5cm Depth : 1.6cm

Additionally the two prongs that clip the mirror over the existing mirror are 6cm apart so this area needs to be clear of any obstructions

*Name Caller ID
The mirror can hold up to 200 names which will be displayed when they call providing the contacts have been transferred to the mirror via Bluetooth. You will need to ensure that your phone can transfer contacts via Bluetooth for name called ID function to work. Please look in your phone manual for more information. If your phone does not have this function you can still use the mirror and will be able to view number caller ID.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Here at MantisTech we want you to be completely happy with your purchase. If for ANY reason you want to return, simply let us know within 7 days and send back to us in new condition for a full refund (minus P+P). Hurry order soon as we only have a limited amount of these mirrors. This is simply our BEST Bluetooth Mirror on the net and at a great unbeatable price. With our 7 day no quibble return policy there really is nothing to lose, we can GUARANTEE you will be delighted with this, order yours NOW!

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