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Micro Sim Adapter 3FF to Standard Sim Adapter

Micro Sim Adapter 3FF to Standard Sim Adapter
Micro Sim Adapter 3FF to Standard Sim Adapter
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This adapter will convert your micro sim from your iPhone or iPad to a standard size sim that you can use in any phone that supports a standard sim.


Micro-SIM is also known as 3FF ("Third Form Factor") SIM-card, and in fact it is a shrunk version of the common SIM standard, and expected to be used in quite a number of cell phones soon. The dimensions of the Micro-SIM are 12x15mm, which is more than twice more compact than the common SIM-card. This means it will not fit into your current mobile. 

The SIM of the first generation was of a size of a credit card. Then current standard-sized card appeared, and now the World is ready to perceive the SIM of the third generation - the 3FF, Mini-UICC or Micro SIM. Although it is much smaller in size, its contact area remains the same. In fact, there are not many producers and mobile service providers using this type of SIM yet. 

The first device expected to try it out was iPad, followed by U.S. network carriers T-Mobile and AT&T, alongside with European Orange, O2 and Vodafone joining the team soon. As for German Simyo, for example, it is already offering its users to reserve the Micro-SIM-sized cards. Other providers like A1 and Bob from Austria promise to have them available online soon as well. 

However, a big question remains concerning the reason for Apple to use new micro SIM card in iPad, which is at least twice bigger in size than iPhone 3G/3GS. Saving space did not seem to be the correct answer, so Apple announced Apple 4 using Micro-SIM as well. And maybe the built-in modems for the new Mac Book Pro with MicroSIM ports will soon appear. 

What is the use? 

European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) has developed Micro-SIM standard with the intent to fit it into small devices, while iPad can hardly be called a tiny one. But everyone who wants to use Micro-SIM on any other device than iPad / iPhone 4 now has a way to do this using an adapter. The Micro-SIM adapter (also known as 3FF adapter or Mini-UICC adapter) is a durable plastic frame that is able to carry the micro-sized SIM (3FF) and transform it into the standard-sized card (SIM). 

This option will allow you to easily use your Micro-SIM both on iPad (iPhone 4G) and your iPhone 3G /3GS (or any other mobile). You will not need to get a second data plan, but you will save much cash. 

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