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Customer Testimonials

Five star service all round

" Bought a Ruggex Rhino 2 from Mantis Tech. Very professional, helpful and would certainly buy other products from them in the future. Their after-service help has been very friendly and useful, Five star service all round "
John Milne

Great Service

" Great customer service, their phones are great and I am happy to avoid the greedy, tax avoiding competition in support of a customer focused family company. We could do with more customer orientated businesses nowadays. "
Rolf Henrich

New phone

" I have just been speaking to mark in customer services, he was really nice and really helpful and got me sorted out in no time at all, excellent customer service. "
Adam Bradley

Exceptional Service!

" Mak was excellent to deal with and went out of his way to ensure a special delivery service to Ireland "
Jim McGovern

My phone arrived sooner than expected

" My phone arrived sooner than expected. It has everything which I need for my business and its rugged exterior is not only pleasing to the eye but also it has had positive comments from several customers who have seen me use it. "
Stephen Parkington

Great Customer Care

" Having used MantisTech to provide us with equipment for some time now, we have always been impressed with the accuracy and speed of delivery. Repairs have always been made to a high standard too. Overall, we would happily recommend this company. "
Alliance Mobile Security

Best customer service!

" MantisTech offers the best customer service I've ever received from the e-commerce sector. Only mom & pop one-location brick & mortars do as well. I purchased their Ruggex Rhino 3 rugged smart phone (dual sim) from them. The customer service is friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. The product is better than I hoped (and I had high expectations). I had only a couple of hiccoughs, and the customer service got me sorted promptly and courteously. I highly recommend the company and their products. I waited until I'd used the phone a couple of months before writing this review. In that time, my rating of them has increased from 4.8 out of 5 to 6 out of 5. "
Joshua Barron

Best all round service

" In this day and age most company's just want your money while you get very little customer service skill's in return but every company should look at how MantisTech treat customers. They provide the very best service possible, nothing seams a problem that they not willing to help with. I had small problem with the phone and spoke with Mak a few times over it who was always very professional, helpful and a credit to the company. In the past I've had alot of the big name company's so called Rugged phone's and everytime they left me disappointed and let down so at first I was unsure of a smaller named company, I was Wrong. I went for the Rhino 3 model and wow I'm blown away with this phone. Its unlocked duel sim while offering amazing performance and easy to use. It safe to say its the best smartphone I've had the pleasure to use all at a great price. More important RUGGEX really lives up to the name. "
Paul Pestell

Rugged Rhino One

" After looking at Samsung and iPhone i stumbled upon this. Having to carry two phones around with me for work, I thought I would take a punt on the Rhino One. Had it two weeks now and have to say I love it!!!! Both sims in the one phone. Fast, clear and solid. The perfect phone for me. Excellent specs and soooo loud! A very professional and helpful service that cannot be faulted. This phone is AWSOME! Thank s. Ps. Mak. Let me know when you have produced the shatter proof screen protectors. Cheers. "
Paul Vincent

ruggex rhino 2

" Very pleased with service and the phone is great. "
A Reeve

Excellent Customer Service

" MantisTech, are a company I stumbled upon whilst on another website. Mak from Mantistech was excellent in helping me choose the right product for what my needs were. my orders have been shipped very quickly with email updates for shipping. even when the goods were out of stock for a repeat order, I was kept fully updated. In short, old fashioned customer service from a company that sells modern equipment. (we purchased 14 rugged phones for business use) Mantistech are a company I definitely recommend. "
Kevin McWilliam

Rugged mobile

" Excellent service for MantisTech ,free advise and help . Phone delivered free and on time ,happily recommend MantisTech .Very professional "
David Pollock

Vivifi Sparke

" I was very impressed with the speedy dispatch of my order. Mak was very helpful with telephone support as neither my husband nor I could manage to fit the 2 SIMs in the tray & insert it in the phone without them falling out. It's certainly very fiddly but Mak was very patient with us and we did succeed in the end. I wanted a dual SIM phone that was slim and light so the Sparke model looked ideal, even though I don't really need a smartphone. It's certainly slim but at 142g it was heavier than advertised (95g). However, I've decided to keep it and am gradually getting used to it. It's a shame there's no manual other than a quickstart guide, but as long as Mak is available to answer technical queries if I get stuck then I'll cope. The phone feels very nice to handle, I love the colour (Rose gold) and it makes and receives mobile calls, so I'm very pleased with it. I'm sure I'll learn to use the rest of its smartphone facilities over time. "
Judy Hart

Extraordinary service from ordinary people!

" After being let down by a series of mobile phones that appear to have been constructed from a composite of gossamer, tissue paper and angel feathers, it was time to find a mobile suitable for the rigours of the construction industry. An online search gave a number of options and after a little further research I decided to give Mantistech a shot, largely based on the customer feedback I read. The phone is fantastic (RUGG4), a solid piece of hardware in it's own protective casing, it runs on Android 4.4 and is easy to use, doesn't come packed out with apps that less than 5% of the population use and has an excellent battery life (probably because it isn't running useless apps). I chose the 3G version because my service provider only offers 3G and I only ever use my phone for calls, texts, emails, photographs relating to work browsing and google maps. The RUGG4 handles all of these with no problems whatsoever. I did have an initial problem with MMS and mobile data access so I called Mantistech and got through to a real human - I know, crazy - which is where Mantistech really impressed. Mak knows his stuff, he also knows his people, he established pretty quickly that I knew nothing about APNs (other than I knew there was an APN option on my phone) and was able to explain to me in plain and simple English what they were and why I needed to edit them. Furthermore, he emailed me full instructions, a link to where the settings could be found on the web and also a tutorial video; we also had a bit of a chat. He then followed that up with a courtesy email to see how I'd gotten on. Outstandingly well, Mak, thanks to you. In a world where everything appears to be automated, customer service is by the numbers and off script, I can only say thank you Mantistech for keeping it real, and for a 50 year old technophobe, dead simple. "
Phil Holyman

It’s official – West Midlands Fire Service has some of the best

" Did you know that West Midlands Fire Service provided the Command & Control function when the Team United Kingdom International Search & Rescue Team (UK-ISAR) is deployed to international disasters? I would also like to thank everybody who supported the ISAR team because YOU played your part it allowed us to not only pass after taking part in a four-day exercise in Germany but return with top honors from the United Nations and European Union-backed event, having recorded the highest ever global pass mark. https://www.wm lass-firefight ers/ For our data capabilities we used 10 Ruggex RUGG3 duel SIM phones and a number of them were used as mobile hotspots and even though they were on 24hrs a day and we incurred over £4000 in data charges performed exceptionally well. Thanks to Mak and Mantitech for not only supporting ISAR but also providing an excellent service. "
Aghia Pal
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