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Superb Rugged Smartphone

" Natural disasters can strike anytime, anywhere in the world, often without warning. That is why the United Kingdom International Search and Rescue Team (UK ISAR), is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The UK team typically deploy with 69 personnel, four search and rescue dogs, a medical support team, a hazardous materials specialist and take with them more than 12 tons of kit, including torches, axes, rope, search cameras, stretchers, tents and specialist equipment to help victims trapped in structures in particularly heavily reinforced concrete structures. Aghia Pal from West Midlands Fire Service (WMFS), volunteered for UK ISAR in 2009 and having already jetted out to help those affected by the Indonesian earthquake in 2009 has had experience of dealing with natural disasters. He was one of seven WMFS personnel deployed to the Nepal earthquake. Joining him was fellow colleagues Paul Burnham, Lee Ivory, Dean Harris, Ian Smith, Dave Heywood and Dean Yates. As the only communications engineer, apart from helping to manage this information flow I am also responsible for providing full IT and communications support for the UK ISAR team at the Base of Operation (BoO), setting up a complete Network Infrastructure comprising of 6 laptops, 3 printers, satellite communications and make sure the search & Rescue teams are sent out with Mobile & Satellite phone, Radio’s & GPS devices. Safety of our teams is always of paramount importance and when we needed to buy 10 duel SIM rugged phones, the Ruggex RUGG 3 was the ones we went for. Mak from MantisTech has provided a very professional customer service, no hassle and is committed to the task of ensuring that the customer gets the very best of what they have to offer. "
Aghia Pal
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