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Great small business, fan durable phones

" Dear Mak, thank you so much for the amazing customer service! The replacement battery arrived this morning and my phone works perfectly now. I ordered a Rugg5 phone and have been so impressed with it. The battery outlasts my friend's phones easily, even with pretty heavy use! It's definitely waterproof and submersible. I work with wildlife which involves being on boats and surrounded by animals. This phone has already survived a splattering of gannet poo - I am now confident it can withstand anything!! It's perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors. T here's no bloatware on the phone, just basic apps like a browser, compass, clock etc. No annoying apps running in the background like you get with other phones. I did have trouble with the phone charging when I got it. A couple of pleasant phone calls led to a replacement battery getting sent out, now it charges perfectly. This is a lovely small business based in the UK, who really care about their customers. Thank you! "
Sarah Long
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