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" After being let down by a series of mobile phones that appear to have been constructed from a composite of gossamer, tissue paper and angel feathers, it was time to find a mobile suitable for the rigours of the construction industry. An online search gave a number of options and after a little further research I decided to give Mantistech a shot, largely based on the customer feedback I read. The phone is fantastic (RUGG4), a solid piece of hardware in it's own protective casing, it runs on Android 4.4 and is easy to use, doesn't come packed out with apps that less than 5% of the population use and has an excellent battery life (probably because it isn't running useless apps). I chose the 3G version because my service provider only offers 3G and I only ever use my phone for calls, texts, emails, photographs relating to work browsing and google maps. The RUGG4 handles all of these with no problems whatsoever. I did have an initial problem with MMS and mobile data access so I called Mantistech and got through to a real human - I know, crazy - which is where Mantistech really impressed. Mak knows his stuff, he also knows his people, he established pretty quickly that I knew nothing about APNs (other than I knew there was an APN option on my phone) and was able to explain to me in plain and simple English what they were and why I needed to edit them. Furthermore, he emailed me full instructions, a link to where the settings could be found on the web and also a tutorial video; we also had a bit of a chat. He then followed that up with a courtesy email to see how I'd gotten on. Outstandingly well, Mak, thanks to you. In a world where everything appears to be automated, customer service is by the numbers and off script, I can only say thank you Mantistech for keeping it real, and for a 50 year old technophobe, dead simple. "
Phil Holyman
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