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Android Dual Sim Phone

" I have previously bought a phone from MantisTech so when I was after a new one they were the obvious choice. I bought the Sapphire Android 4.1 Dual SIM Phone about 2 months ago as I was after a larger screen as well as the dual SIM functionality. As I couldn't wait to get my new phone I decided to go for the registered delivery option and so got my phone the next day. It was well packaged with the box in bubble wrap giving an extra bit of protection. The phone had a screen protector on it albeit with print all over it. (HINT I got a plastic ruler and gently scraped the print off to leave a perfectly usable in place screen protector which still works perfectly today !) So what about the phone? I am really loving the phone as it is fast and responsive with a good quality build ( it has the feel of a Samsung S4 but with a bigger screen ) and the graphics are really clear and bright. The larger screen makes all the difference to its usability, browsing the internet etc. There isn't really any bloat ware just the basic ROM; I have only uninstalled two apps. You get 'Documents to Go' and 'MoboPlayer' which are an office program and video/music player, both free and obviously really useful. The only issue I had with the phone is the way the ROM was partitioned. It has 4GB space, approx. 1.5GB for OS etc. and 1.98 for your files and documents. This gives only approx. 500MB for Apps which for me was taken up really quickly. Fantastic Customer Service Due to the space issue - which as I understand is a restriction Google has created on phones over Android V4.1 - I got back to customer service to see if they could do anything about it. And they could!! I sent my phone back to Mak who upgraded the ROM to give me more internal space for my Apps. I now have nearly 1GB and what's more he has restored the 'Move to SD' button (that Google took off for V4.1). I can now use both my internal memory and the 32GB memory card to install Apps. This gives me nearly 33GB of space for Apps, Files and Documents which is more than the new HTC ONE!! What else can I say? As I have said the upgraded ROM works a treat the screen is really clear and sharp, the camera takes good quality photos up to 13M and the sound and video is great as well. I have watched several films on it (running from the SD card) with no problems. Overall a really excellent product, in my eyes as good as a Samsung or HTC (but with an extra SIM). I would highly recommend this phone to anyone who is thinking of buying it. And if you are after a bit more space, ask Mak to upgrade the ROM before sending it out as I'm sure he's kept the one he put on mine. Most importantly is the excellent customer service you get both pre and post sales. Mantis Tech have really gone out of their way to make sure I was happy with my phone.... and I definitely am happy! :-) "
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